Before anything else we would also like to extend our prayers to the people of Chile.

Chile in our prayers. Video on recent deadly Quake that hit Chile


Here’s PhilYCM thus far:

In the past month, as you may have already known we have been going around schools on a nationwide campaign having the Climate Hero Forum and has so far accomplished:
1) Visit of 25 Schools in Luzon,Visayas & Mindanao – Thanks to the helpful Teams, climate leaders and heroes across the country who have made it possible .
2) Engaged 30,000 students!
3) 500++ members who have signed up with PHILYCM. There can never be too much volunteers, so those of you who wants to join be sure to fill out the form for our database! (just hop on to the Get Involved page for the link)
4) Awarding of 20 Climate Hero’s. One of those worth mentioning is Father Buhay who was the Climate Hero in the University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu awarded on February 21, 2010 for his WOW (Win On Waste) program. Implementing solid waste management program in the school campus!
5) Commitment of 100,000 +++ trees to plant! We are constantly checking in and updating the pledges made. (1-M Tree Campaign Pledges)

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