The rockstars of Article 6: Pauline Remouchamps (Belgium), Michaela Hogenboom & Gabe van Wijk (Netherlands), Ben Vanpeperstraete, Adriana Valenzuela; Government delegate of Dominican Republic and key negotiator for G77 & China for A6, Danny Hutley(UK); co-facilitator for A6 Youth constituency working group, Bernadette Fischler (WAGGS)

It was taken by surprise when the first consensus was reached at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico where 189 countries members of the Convention gathered to reach global agreements on climate change. At the end of the first week of the negotiations, a proposal for a decision on Article 6 of the Convention was approved under the leadership of the Dominican Republic and with the help of over 100 global youth.

Article 6 relates to “Education, training and public awareness about climate change.” This was most important for the young leaders. If countries were serious about taking steps towards a legally-binding agreement in the next year, then young people will have to be educated, aware and active participants in climate change in order to help governments with implementation. All of the youth constituency’s asks were included in the text, particularly non-formal education, youth participation in decision-making and funding for education programmes.


SBI Chair Robert Owen Jones presenting a gold star to Gambia contact group chair

The SBI Chair remarked that this is the first contact group in the history of COP to achieve a COP decision in 90 minutes. When it was successful, the SBI Chair presented a gold star to the Gambia contact group chair and the youth from the youth constituency gave out golden stars to the delegates.

The Article 6 team & negotiators after passing the draft decision

Young people are the most important capital in the world’s history to change the future of humanity.This success highlights that “young people are potent agents for change.” It was a celebration of ambition and the spirit of consensus moving the action on climate change forward.

“Young People deserve our full commitment — full access to education, adequate healthcare, employment opportunities, financial services and full participation in public life.” – Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

Video on Art6 passing at COP16


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