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15 thoughts on “Get Involved & Contact Us

    1. i love to get involved. i’d already passed my form when sen loren and her party visited aklan state university. just send me some news or instructions at my e’mail. ( ty

      1. That’s great Rubin. We definitely need people like you. We’ll be sure to keep in touch, granted that we have you in our database then 🙂 Here’s to PhilYCM’s up coming project the 1 Million Tree Planting Campaign! ^_^

  1. Gud day! I’m from West Visayas State University..I just want to clarify something from you guys. I have registered in PYCM when you visited our school last Feb 4.. how can we really be an active member. Is there any upcoming events, seminars or activties that will involve the newly registered members? Hoping for your response..Thank you and God bless to PYCM.

    1. Yes, we are currently working on the 1-Million tree campaign for the official launch of PhilYCM, on March 21, 2010 to coincide with World Forest Day. In line with this activity we are hoping to get all hands from those who volunteered to make this successful across the country. Apart from that we plan on having activities, seminars for all volunteers to participate in. PhilYCM is a work in progress, we’ve only reached our first month and yet the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

      1. oh i see.. having the initiative to look for partners in saving our environment is very heroic.. surely PhilYCM and the volunteers will make it.

  2. alas! ‘guess I found the right group Im looking for.Im an Araling Panlipunan teacher of a public school here in Quezon City.I’m so much interested with PhilYCM.I’ve always wanted to be a part of such a mission to preserve and conserve our environment.And I know my students do,too.How can we help and actively participate? Is there any upcoming event,seminar or project we can attend to be better educated about global warming? I’ll be waiting for your response.Thank you so much!

    1. Dear Ms Perpetua,

      Pardon my delay in answering your query, nonetheless we are immensely happy to hear from people like you with equal concern about the environment. If you wnat to get immediate updates on activities within your local area may I refer you to our facebook page which is updated by fellow concerned citizens such as yourself with activties not just limited to PhilYCM but our partners with the same advocacy:

      Hope to hear from you and your future involvement in helping the environment.


  3. hi! im from aklan state university. im happy to get involve with the movement, how can i be an active member of this activity?

  4. Hello! I’m Randel Bernandino, from de La Salle Lipa! Have you visited our school already? I want to be an active member and encourage many people to join and be aware about what’s happening in our environment; especially on the issue of global warning.

    I’ve already signed up through online. How will I know If i am already a member? And what are your upcoming activities?
    I hope that there will be PYCM Calabarzon Chapter. 🙂

    Thank you! God Bless! Hoping for your response. 🙂

  5. i would like to ask regarding the World Environment Celebration at the Marikina Riverbanks this coming June 4, 2011??? I would like also to ask regarding the Kamp Kalikasan??? thanks in advance…

  6. Guys,
    i’m from the University of Southern Mindanao, Kabacan, Cotabato. how can we join the Movement?

  7. Good day!

    I would like to know if you have future events related to tree planting because our schoolis proposing a tree planting program this year. I’ll be more detailed if you will give me a positve feed back.

    Thank you so much. I like this program so much.

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