Last week we had schedules for Climate Hero Forums in Cebu and last minute organizing for Climate Hero Forum in Iloilo City. THEY WERE ALL SUCCESSFUL. With a collective audience of about 2000 students, 4 schools, 3 venues and 2 cities! Way to go PhilYCM team in Cebu (Karen Gatus and Rafi Mustafa) and Iloilo (Esperanza Garcia)!

Climate Hero Forum in STI College Cebu, Inc

We would like to Congratualte our Climate Heroes from IloiloNestor Necesito (who is also now the Climate Leader for Iloilo) and Mark Popoico

Iloilo Climate Heroes: Nestor Necesito, Mark Popoico, Jemuel Garcia, Camille Potato with Sen. Loren Legarda

Climate Heroes from CebuEmmanuel Albano of the University of the Philippines Ecological Society (Cebu) and the NSTP class students of STI College Cebu, Inc.

1-Million Tree Campaign:

Several schools, hundreds of students have expressed interest in joining. Our Climate Leader, Jella Villanueva (in Manila), is coordinating with with DENR for the seedlings. Team in Cebu is coordinating with the space, volunteers, and DENR to make sure that our launch in Cebu is successful. So much more needs to be done– and we’re looking for a leader to lead this campaign!

We’re working on having this on World Forest Day, March 21, 2010. So people now’s a good time to join PhilYCM!

Also we would like to welcome to the PhilYCM Board:

  • Nestor Necesito (Iloilo) – Climate Hero in Iloilo, working on the Iloilo chapter of PhilYCM
  • Mark Popoico (Iloilo) – Climate Hero in Iloilo, also working on PhilYCM Iloilo
  • Karen Gatus (Cebu) – Climate Leader for Cebu-Visayas
  • Anna Oposa – she will be starting PhilYCM in her network





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