Hi PhilYCM readers! This is my first personal post here in PhilYCM. My name is Anna Oposa, and I’m the official PhilYCM blogger/writer for the COP16-UNFCCC.

We would like to thank everyone who came and supported our fundraising dinner in Cravings Katipunan last Saturday, November 6. Our generous sponsors, CCA-Manila andCravings, prepared suuupppeerrrr good food, like chicken fingers.

One of the two pastas!

Our ticket, designed by Kester and Karl’s friend.

We made sure to distribute PhilYCM brochures in each table.

Arch. Chris dela Cruz was our keynote speaker. He’s the Chairman and President of the Philippine Green Building Council. In other words, he’s at the forefront of green architecture. What an inspiring man.

Yeb Sano was our other keynote speaker. He’s from the World Wildlife Fund and currently the Commissioner of the Climate Change Commission.

In his speech, he quoted Taylor Swift! And no, it wasn’t, “We were both young/when I first saw you…”

There was a standup comedy routine by budding standup comedian, Uli Oposa. Who also happens to be my very handsome brother.

Through the generous support of our family and friends, we were able to raise 50, 000 pesos! Woohoo!

The tired but happy delegation:

Karl, with his fierce face; Viv, with her model-like pose leg; Kester and his megawatt smile; Espie looking like the madame that she is; yours truly; Des the Mistress; and Yeb.

All six of us have been communicating nonstop via text, emails, Skype conference calls, and ~real life~ meetings. We’re working really hard to make sure the Philippine youth is represented well.

Coming up are the personal profiles of the youth delegates, so you guys can get to know us better!

Go forth and greenify,


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